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Small Business: Client Server Setup

For a small business that has several computers that are used for individual purposes and are not networked together to share files and other network services the construction of a client server setup may be the best option to pursue. By setting up a network and a client server setup computers can share resources (IE. printers) and store all user information on a central server that will allow easy access to files from any computer inside the domain. This also allows the business to backup data easily and less impact on a business if a system fails.


Prices (this is ontop of hardware/software costs):

Server Design: 10% of overall server cost

Install & Setup: $250

Network Setup: $50 per computer\drop*

Client Setup (per client):

Design & Setup: $225
Formatted and Reinstalled: $150
Setup: $50


*Prices are not guranteed, may fluctueate depending on building setup and the desires of the customer.